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Kelly, my honest partner, always interesting to leave with a Colt man and he did have his death come true. I am available that I made it this far.

In August ofmy partner passed away due to his addiction to Alkyl Nitrites poppers. One night, I came home and found him dead on the floor, his body surrounded by nine empty bottles of poppers. At the time, gay marriage was not legal in Texas, so Mlchigan didn't have the nAchor rights. His family let me live in the house while it was going through foreclosure. I was on the verge of becoming homeless. A good friend suggested I do porn, so I applied to Colt and TitanMen and within a few weeks they had both called me for an audition. InTitanMen offered me a contract and it has been an amazing journey.

How did you come up with your porn name? I surveyed my Facebook friends and followers for ideas. Once I received all their suggestions, I narrowed it down to ten names. After, voted and Dallas Steele won. There are two others in the industry with the last name Steele. One is Rocco Steele, who I don't mind getting confused for, especially because he has a very impressive tool. Why did you choose to work with TitanMen? I was really honored that Colt had called me.

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Kelly, my late partner, always wanted to sleep with a Colt man and he did have his dream come true. For me, Titan was a really amazing experience from the start. They really treated me well during my audition trip and the atmosphere was and still is very professional. They are a class act in everything they do. What was it like filming your first sex scene? It was surreal and exciting! I was already used to the lights and cameras. My first scene was with Dirk Caber. We had instant chemistry. He really carried me through the day.

I still seek out his on-the-job advice when I need it. He is also the only actor that I have also hooked up with off screen. When do you know when you don't have chemistry with your screen partner?

I will say this, there are no ugly men at Titan. I am amazed that I made it this far. Obviously, there has to be some physical attraction. Usually, you and your screen partner get to know each other before the shoot. I like to try and develop a friendship with them. Most times, you meet the night before have dinner together and then maybe breakfast the next day. I want to get into their head and create feelings for each other, like we could be boyfriends. It's important to try and create some kind of bond or the viewers will see there is no chemistry. What does your current partner think of your job? When I left for a shoot, it is like I am going on a business trip.

He is not the jealous type. He is probably more jealous that he is not doing my job. He is my biggest fan.

What is the biggest misconception michugan might have about the gay porn industry? I would ;orn there are three. I think most people think that the cast and crew is doing drugs or drinking alcohol. At least on the Titan set, no one is doing either; nor have I witnessed anyone doing it. There are no orgies with the cast and crews after a shoot. Cast and crew are kept separate and are not allowed to interact with each other. Ill just be waiting. Abrahamsen was found dead in his house by a family member some 18 hours later, face down on a massage table with blood splattered on the walls and a ceiling fan.

Dennis Abrahamsen was found stabbed and bludgeoned to death after he hosted a sex party at his home Logue, 30, who is being held at the Pasco County Jail, originally faced first-degree murder charges, but will now face a lesser charge of second-degree murder in a deal with prosecutors. Abrahamsen had hired Logue to work at a sex party at his house, and police said that's when Logue and Andrews set him up. They traded dozens of text messages about their homicidal plan, police said. According to an affidavit, Logue would later deny that she had anything to do with the killing and claim Andrews was the one who bludgeoned Abrahamsen with a sledgehammer.

Many of the 16 heck-film actresses featured in "Exercised" attended the Anxhor according Wednesday mars at the Cultivation Fall and did around logically to autograph the issuance-table book. Ill mexican be left.

Andrews forced her to view Abrahamsen's crushed skull and told her that's Anchog would happen to her if she told anyone. Andrews' Chicago friends find it difficult to believe he was involved in the killing. The year-old Andrews was known in that city as DJ Veritas, and his Facebook and MySpace pages feature several video clips of him playing techno music in large clubs. Logue and Andrews reportedly met on the set of a porn film and were subsequently inseparable, often posting pictures of each other on Twitter Logue seemed like a decent person, said Kristen Cameron, a Florida-based model who met her last year.

According to several profiles on modelling websites, Logue did bikini and fetish modelling. I felt a connection to her since we both have southern backgrounds.

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