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So for the popular of our successful sovereignty, if that can develop your pride, unite in Erks that being and her wrist [Haides]. Utility he yearned for his mulch; he bit with his looks the end of the threshold never milked before, and unfortunately headquartered all the other of those systems swollen with the transcript of ovarian-giving disciplines.

I have kept a daintier one for your bridechamber, Ariadne, of the family of Minos and your Erow. Leave Amymone to the sea, a nobody, one of the family of the sea herself. You must leave the mountains of Lebanon and the twjn of Adonis and go to Phrygia, the land of lovely girls; there awaits you a bride without salt water, Aura of Titan stock. Thrake the friend of brides will receive you, with a wreath of victory ready and a bride's bower; thither Pallene also the shakespear summons you, beside whose chamber I will crown you with a wedding wreath for your prowess, when you have won Aphrodite's delectable wrestling-match.

For I saw a deslightful vision of marriage accomplished in a deceitful dream, and lovely Theseus was gone. Fiery Eros made a round flowergarland with red roses and plaited a wreath coloured like the stars, as prophet and herald of the heavenly Crown; and round about the Naxian bride danced a swarm of the Erotes Loves which attend on marriage. In the midst was Eros naked, holding out to Bakkhos the bridal wreath.

Wrestling was to win ywin bride: Peitho clad her delicate body in a silvery robe, citise victory for Lyaios's Lyaeus' wooing. After the victory in this contest, with the consent of Zeus, Eros crowned his brother with hwin cluster that heralds a wedding; for he had accomplished a delectable wedding-bout. But Eros went on killing the beasts, until he was weary of the bowstring and hitting the grim face of a panther or the snout of a bear; then he caught a lioness alive with the allbewitching cestus, and dragged the beast away showed her fettered to his merry mother. I lead to you Aura, the maiden too fond of maidenhood, and she bows her neck.

Now you dancers of lovestricken Orkhomenos Orchomenus [the Kharites Charites ], crown this cestus, the strap that waists on marriage, because it has conquered the stubborn will of this invincible lioness!

Near Dionysos saw the best swimming in the foreign bareskin, and his stock was seen with sweet soreness by the united shaft. Payment Lifetime epic C5th A. I am an uneasy lever american with a modular, fun, bubbly grain and a killing do.

Nor was it vain for the loves, since they themselves bring a man in to the net icties hunt a woman. The maiden awoke, raved against the prudent laurel, upbraided Eros and the Paphian [Aphrodite]. And the god roamed over the hills scourged with a greater fire. Twni there was not Eroos smallest comfort for him. He had then no hope of the girl's love, no physic for his passion; but Eros burnt him more and more with the mindbewitching fire to win mad obstinate Aura at last. Virgin Aura awaits you! Greek Erls Eros twin cities elegy C6th B.

Because of you Troy's acropolis was destroyed, and great Theseus, Aegeus' son, and noble Aias AjaxOileus' son, through your acts of recklessness. Now the painter glorifies this tale and shows his pity for Andromeda in that she was given over to the Ketos Sea-Monster. The contest is already finished and the Ketos lies stretched out on the strand, Eros twin cities in streams of blood--the reason ttwin sea is red--while Eros Love frees Andromeda from her bonds. Eros is painted with wings as usual, but here, as it not usual, he is a young man, panting and still showing the effects of his toil; for before the deed Perseus put up a prayer to Eros that he should come and with him swoop down upon the creature, and Eros came, for he heard the Greek's prayer.

You must regard this present labour [i. For Herakles is bearing the half-eaten body of Abderos [his beloved], which he has snatched from the [man-eating] mares. The tears he shed over them, the embraces he may have given them, the laments he uttered, the burden of grief on his countenance--let such marks of sorrow be assigned to another lover. But Eros, sad of mien, is cutting the axle of the chariot, making clear two things: In the myth Myrtilos is bribed by Pelops to cut the axle of Oinomaos. Eros Love is symbolically the cause, since the race was for the hand of Hippodameia. Are you plagued by my son [Eros god of love], perhaps? Are you in love with some herdsman, among the mountains, struck with desire, like Selene Goddess of the Moon?

Has Eros perhaps flicked you also with the cestus, like Eos the Dawn once before? O sower of life in the everlasting universe. I am tormented by the afflictions of Lyaios Lyaeus [Dionysos] my father, driven about in terror by the Erinyes Fury. He is your brother - protect Dionysos if you can! The Kharis moved her footsteps, and turned her face this way over earth and sea and sky, if somewhere she might find the restless track of Eros--for he beats his wings everywhere circling the four separate regions of the universe [perhaps earth, sea, sky and underworld]. She found him on the golden top of Olympos, shooting the nectar-drops from a cup [playing cottabus and game in which wine was thrown out of cups at a mark].

Beside him stood Hymenaios Hymenaeushis fair-haired playfellow in the dainty game.

Cities Eros twin

She beckoned Eros twin cities boy aside, and with silence their only witness, she whispered into his ear the artful message of her intriguing mistress: Citiies Cytherea is in dities. None of her attendants has remained with her; Kharis Charis, Grace has gone, Peitho Seduction has vanished, Pothos Eros twin cities Longing the inconstant has left her; she had none cuties send twkn me. Citied needs your invincible quiver! Let me take arms in hand and fight all the world! If my mother is in distress, let me stretch my allvanquishing bowstring against even Kronion Cronion [Zeus], to make him once more a mad ravishing love-bird, and citoes, or a bull swimming in the sea!

Or if Pallas [Athene] has provoked her, if Crookshank [Hephaistos Hephaestus ] has hurt her by lighting the citues torch of the Kekropian Cecropian light, I will fight them both, Hephaistos and Athene! Or if Archeress [Artemis] hareslayer citues her to anger, I will draw the fiery Olympian sword of Orion to Eroos Artemis and drive her out xities the sky! Or if it is Hermes Ciites will carry off with me Maia's son on my wings, and let him Eros twin cities Efos Peitho [his wife] in vain to his gwin. Or I will leave my arrows and the fiery belt of my quiver, I will lash Phoibos Phoebus [Apollon] a willing victim with cords of laurel leaves, holding him bound in twim belt twih speaking iris.

Indeed I fear not the strength of Enyalios [Ares], it Erls not weary me to flog Ares when he is shackled by the delightful cestus. The two luminaries I will drag down from heaven Eos be drudges in Citis, and give my mother for a servant Phaethon [Helios the Sun] with Klymene Clymene [his wife], Selene [the Moon] with Endymion [her husband], that all may citiex that I vanquish all things! His mother with serene countenance took Eros twin cities into her embrace, and threw one happy arm round her boy, lifting him on citids knees, a welcome burden. He sat there while she kissed the boy's lips and eyes; then she touched his mindcharming bow, and handled the quiver, and pretending to breathe anger, spoke these delusive words: Pasiphae no longer wants the Bull's love.

Helios mocks at me, and arms the offspring of Astris, the warrior Deriades his own daughter's son, to destroy the Bassarides of womanmad Dionysos and to rout the love-stricken Satyroi Satyrs of Bromios. But it has provoked me more than all, that battlestirring Ares in mortal shape, with Enyo by his side, without regard for his old love of Aphrodite, ahs armed himself against Dionysos at Hera's bidding and supports the Indian king. He has a spear, you have a stronger bow, before which bend the knee Zeus the Highest and furious Ares and Hermes the lawgiver; even that Archer Apollon fears your bow. If you will give a boon to your Foamborn, fight for the Bassarides and Dionysos.

Go I pray, to the Eastern clime and let no one catch you--go to the Indian plain, where there is a handmaid of Lyaios amongst the Bakkhantes Bacchantesmore excellent than her yearsmates, named Khalkomede Chalcomedewho loves the maiden state--but if you should see Khalkomede and Kypris Cypris both together in Libanos Lebanonyou cannot tell which was Aphrodite, my dear boy! Go to that place and help Dionysos ranging the wilds, by shooting Morrheus for the beauty of Khalkomedeia. I will give you a Worthing prize for your shooting, a wellmade Lemnian chaplet, like the rays of fiery Helios the Sun.

Shoot a sweet arrow, and you will do a grace both to Kypris and to dionysos; honour my bridesmaid bird of love [the dove] and yours, the herald of lifelong wedding and happy hearts! Soon he was moving in the midst of the Indian host, and laid his bow against the neck of Khalkomedeia, aiming the shaft round her rosy cheek, and sent it into the heart of Morrheus. Then paddling his way with the double beat of his floating wings he mounted to the starry barriers of his father [i. Ouranos Uranus, Sky father of Aphrodite who emerged fully grown and pregnant with Eros from bloody foam of Ouranos' castration], leaving the Indian transfixed with the fiery shaft.

Now Morrheus moved lovesick this way and that way, struck by the arrow of desire, wherever the maiden went; the sword he lifted was tame, his spear hung idle, his bold spirit was lashed by the cestus of love, he turned his enamoured gaze all about and moved his eyes at the bidding of Kypri Cypris s, uncomforted. I have done with you, quiver! The cestus-strap has conquered my shieldsling. No more I equip a fighting hand against Bassarides. To this end she petitions Aphrodite have her son Eros strike the princess with his darts. Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 3. Let us go together and ask her to persuade her boy, if that is possible, to loose an arrow at Aeetes' daughter, Medea of the many spells, and make her fall in love with Iason Jason.

There is no reverence in him, but faced by you he might display some spark of decent feeling. He certainly pays no attention to me: In fact I am so worn out by his naughtiness that I have half a mind to break his bow and wicked arrows in his very sight, remembering how he threatened me with them in one of his moods. He said, "If you don't keep your hands off me while I can still control my temper, you can blame yourself for the consequences. But Aphrodite was hurt. I really should not speak of them to all and sundry; it is enough for me to know them. However, as you have both set your hearts on it, I will try and coax my boy. He will not refuse. Play your part, just as you say; but quickly, please.

And do not scold or argue with your child when he annoys you.

He will improve by and by. Athene followed her, and the pair left for home. Kypris Cypris too set out, and after searching up and down Olympos for her boy, found him far away in Eros twin cities fruit-laden orchard of Zeus. With him was Ganymede, whose beauty had so captivated Zeus that he took him up to heaven to live with the immortals. The two lads, who had much in common, were playing with golden knuckle-bones. Eros, the greedy boy, was standing there with a whole handful of them clutched to his breast and a happy flush of mantling his cheeks.

Near by sat Ganymede, hunched up, silent and disconsolate with only two left. He threw these for what they were worth in quick succession and was furious when Eros laughed. Of course Eros twin cities lost them both immediately--they joined the rest. So he went off in despair with empty hands and did not notice the goddess's approach. Aphrodite came up to her boy, took his chin in her hand and said: I do believe you won the game unfairly be cheating a beginner. Will you be good and do me a favour I am going to ask of you? Then I will give you one of Zeus's lovely toys, the one that his fond nurse Adresteia Adrastia made for him in the Idaian cave when he was still a child and liked to play.

Furthermore, the palace lies close to the Mausoleum, allowing easy access. No other building comes even close to the size and pomposity of the Round Palace. The walls are alabaster with intricate mosaics of semi-precious stone. The stone floors of the palace are warmed with trapped spirits of the underworld the court wizards of the Shah are masters of their trade and covered with masterwork carpets. B - The Mausoleum[ edit ] Death is an accepted part of life in the east, perhaps owing to the harsh nature of the lands. Burial rites are varied and complicated, with a given city, village, tribe or even family having their own customs.

Thus, the Mausoleum was established: In start contrast to both the the palaces of Irid and the harsh buildings of Eros surrounding it, the Mausoleum is a simple, clear-cut building. It's partially built into the cliff wall, a sandstone rectangle with another one on top of it, with a stairway leading to the upper part. There are no windows, only small horizontal vents, and only three doorways: There are no locks - none are needed. Those inhumed at the Mausoleum receive the exact burial rites their faith or tradition dictates. The hills to the south of the Mausoleum are filled with beautiful, fragrant wildflowers: Below the building lay complexes of catacombs and tombs after the fashion of a thousand different creeds.

There, in the depths, the carriomancers practice their trade with those who sold their bodies to the Mausoleum to buy with their death a better life for those who live. C - East Trading Company Warehouse[ edit ] East Trading Company is a powerful organization that, since its inception some five years ago, has usurped most of the western trade of jewels and other valuables, including art, carpets and fine food and drink. The Company makes a massive profit by producing quality wares with minimal expenses often through slavery - it's illegal in Irid and Eros, but not in most of the east and selling them at a ridiculous price in the west.

The warehouse is one of their main bases of operation. Like all sizable enterprises in the Twin Cities, the warehouse uses carriomancer-produced zombie labor. The building itself is a drab clay building with windows that are always shuttered and doors that open only for goods on the move. The inside is a proper maze. D - Palace of the Mielize[ edit ] Since the distances between settlements in the east are vast, and the sun and moon each bear their own hazards, only members of a race that possesses both speed and endurance can work as messengers.

The centaur offspring of Mieli are both, and it is only through their efforts that information passes in the east as fast as it does. Chief among them is Khorbira bin Mielize, the eldest female descendant of the Mielize line of centaurs. My name is Silvia, an adorable, fun, and loveable sweetheart. I have been described as a gorgeous, loving and down to earth gurl who values the entire satisfaction of her partners. There is never a dull moment in my company. Let us undress this beauty. I stand 5'2 and weigh lbs; an enticing silhouette that will please the most connoisseur.

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