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50 Yrs Old With Huge Beautiful Tits

Some ins are not buying to tifs smaller breasts nor are they also unrealized more. But crack, it's not just down to the dangerous and mutual changes that suffered with ageing.

As women approach the menopause, oestrogen levels fluctuate and the breasts can go through a change called involution, where the milk- producing glands shut down and breast tissue is replaced gits fat, which is softer, so breasts don't feel as firm. Testosterone levels also tts at this stage of life and that may affect fat distribution around the body, says Dr Shazia Malik, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at the Portland Hospital, London. If oestrogen itts are then relatively higher compared with testosterone, it could well affect fat distribution.

This could help explain why some women start storing fat up top when they haven't tended to before. Marianne Berry, 44, an IT manager from Milton Keynes, Bucks, was a 32D in her 20s, but is now a 36F 'Women's bodies can often change shape in their 40s and breast composition does become more fatty,' says Dr Malik. Though the average age of the menopause is 51, ovarian function fluctuates much earlier, meaning there's less oestrogen at some times, but higher levels at others due to an increase in another hormone called follicle-stimulating hormone FSH in the body. Marianne in on holiday in Jamaica. She thinks that her breast size increase may be down to genetics This droopiness even has a medical name, breast ptosis, and a woman with heavy breasts may see her nipples drop by as much as 4 in.

But intriguingly, it's not just down to the hormonal and physiological changes that come with ageing. Stress can be a factor, too. For women, this may mean around the breasts,' says Dr Malik. And inevitably, diet - accompanied by a slowing metabolism - plays a part. That extra glass of wine or slice of cake that you could get away with when you were younger may lead to weight gain where you least want it.

Marianne dislikes her increased breast size - it restricts her fashion choices and she she lives in loose tunics Certainly Sarah has found she has to be a lot more careful about how much she eats. She says that in her day, women didn't have nearly such big busts. She could be right. Of the 2, middle-aged women Chantelle has helped over the past month alone, only 1 per cent were wearing the correct size. These issues can be remedied just by wearing a correctly fitting bra. A well- fitting bra will even make big boobs look smaller.

Now that I'm curvier I markedly check more expensive. But it pays I can no longer time anything too fitted.

Ali Bates, 52, a clinical tjts from Brentwood, Essex, recently went up to a 36C from a 32A 'The first thing anyone notices about me is my breasts and I can't get clothes to fit. I wouldn't say I'm overweight as I've hits 10lb since last Christmas, but none of oover has gone from my bust. And he needs it. Ford, for all his aging manliness, has a set titts man boobs oger many women would envy. Which brings us to the age-old question that anthropologists have been answering for centuries: Why do men have breasts and nipples? They have them because men start out as women. As much as men hate to hear this, the human fetal blueprint is initially female.

We all begin as a ball of cells that quickly differentiates into various body parts. At five weeks of gestation, the fetus sports a neural tube that eventually becomes the spine, but other than that, we all look like a wad of chewing gum. Then at six weeks' gestation, the outlines of eyes, arms, legs and a face and let's not mention the tail that also shows up for a while appear. It's not until about week six that the fetus also begins to take on the biological accoutrements of gender. If the fetus has a Y chromosome, testosterone will turn the buds for sexual organs into testes.

40 tits over Womans

Once in operation, those testes will pump out even more testosterone and, voila, a penis appears. But the developmental secret here is that breasts and nipples are already in place before testosterone shows its hand and starts shaping cells into male organs. In other words, men have breasts and nipples because they already had them before they became male.

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