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The Passion of Ali This smart rendition of Muhammad Ali was created to illustrate his martyrdom to his cause after he refused to join the US military due to his religious beliefs and was subsequently stripped of his heavyweight boxing title.

Vanity fair covers gay Pasy

Time Magazine, June 27, While the cover was a bit more pessimistic than the story it was meant to illustrate, it remains one of the top magazine covers of all time. Time Magazine, January 2, This cover has been called the most controversial of all time. According to the cover story, Lang got more grief from the country music industry over her decision to join PETA than her decision to come out as a lesbian. The New Yorker, Sept. Sarah Ivens, editorial director, said that the cover decision was made since they wanted to stand out from all of the tribute covers that were dominating the stands that week. Photography and news coverage like this helped to turn the American public against the Vietnam war.

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The scandal broke when Lewinsky confided in a colleague in January of Like the Obama couple satire in the New Yorker seen further down, this cover drew fire from both sides of the political fence. Time, August 29, People Magazine, March Time, April 14 Entertainment Weekly, May 2 Bush for invading Iraq on the grounds that Iraq was manufacturing weapons of mass destruction. The New Yorker, March 29, Twin Towers in Silhouette This cover was a graphical as well as an editorial success.

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