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Yeah", truck her, and then get back to her binary. In the instructions preceding the conjugate of the planet infections, BBC Two quoted three "best of" organs, assembling a variety of the biggest clips from the six months of focusing one, mid Lauren Video the teenager and Joannie Taylor the position-mouthed grandmother. Nan's Aerodrome Carol[ edit ].

Another 30 minute episode involving the Nan character was shown in January Two new Christmas specials aired on 27 and 30 December again involving Nan. On 4 JanuaryTate announced that she does not plan to make anymore specials as she is busy with other projects. List of The Catherine Tate Show characters This is only a list and small description of the most popular or well-known characters. Joannie 'Nan' Taylor is a foul-mouthed grandmother who constantly swears at and criticises other people, especially when they are not present, including her grandson Jamie Mathew Horne. She often uses the phrases such as "What a load of ol' shit! When her grandson takes her to a pound shop she asks the price of everything that takes her interest.

Their catchphrases included "What am I like, What are you like" and "I dunno". Lauren Cooper is an argumentative and lazy teenage girl who gets out of awkward situations by repeating her catchphrase, "Am I bovvered? While Ellen Catherin by Ella Kenion is usually keen to get on with her work, she is frequently disturbed by Kate Tatewho asks her to guess answers to questions and when she answers tqte she gets mad — however it is common that she will then get it right and Tate will just say " Yeah", insult her, and then get back to her work. The Aga Saga Woman is an upper middle class English woman who goes into a state of shock in various, seemingly harmless situations when confronted with people, places, or products, which are lower than her own Social Class.

She has two children, Thomas and Chloe. Derek Faye is a man who shows several signs of being gay but seems to be in denial about his sexuality and becomes extremely offended and defensive when people assume he is gay, often exclaiming, "How very dare you! Janice and Ray are a couple from BeverleyEast Riding of Yorkshire who express their disgust at the various signs of multi-culturalism in their very British circle. Sources of outrage include restaurant meals, due to their perception of over-pricing or the exotic nature of the food such as grapes in a brie cheese sandwich.

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They perceive global foods as adulterated British fare and view such culinary transgressions as personal affronts — finally responding with their catchphrase "The dirty bastards! With facts such as "Every 38 minutes When Martin offers some amount she invariably takes umbrage and berates him with further details of the people she is trying to help. After she accepts his second offer does something - often an actual assault - to 'show him what it's like'. Ally is a tactless woman with good intentions who unfortunately is a perfect example of someone with foot-in-mouth syndrome. Unwittingly she offends all that she comes into contact with at parties, and then in an attempt to dig herself out of the ditch she has created, only worsens the situation.

Bernie is a vulgar nurse with an infectious snort, who works at a hospital who is never shy from both saying it how it is, and from airing her personal problems or feelings with everyone and anyone, particularly the male doctors. Television series[ edit ] Series 1 [ edit ] The first series of the show, which consisted of six episodes, aired from 16 February to 22 March The programme's theme tune for the first series was "In These Shoes?

In the months preceding the launch of the second series, BBC Two aired three "best of" episodes, featuring a variety of the funniest clips from the six episodes of series one, including Lauren Cooper the Catherlne and Joannie Taylor the foul-mouthed grandmother. Tate also appeared in a comedy sketch with boy band McFly see charity sketches for wgat. Series 2 [ edit ] The second series aired from 21 July to wbat August Following Tate's Comic Relief appearance with McFlyand speculation of her non-existent feud with David Schwimmer[6] it received slightly more publicity than series one in the run-up to the first episode.

BBC Two also promoted the series by running trailers showing Lauren arguing with a furry dog in the shape of the channel's logo. This series was far more successful with viewing figures than the first, securing ratings of 2. The series also had new theme music composed by Howard Goodall. For the opening, various characters are in an open field. The camera closes in on Lauren Cooper, zooms into her eye, then zooms out of Sheila Carter's eye. The camera pans to the right, where Bernie enters. The camera zooms into her eye, then zooms out of Nan's eye, where she is seen laughing.

The end of the sequence shows the main title The Catherine Tate Show. The zooming is the same for both series two and three although Shelia Carter does not appear in series three in the Christmas Special, Sheila is replaced by Geordie Georgie. The re-runs of the series were shown starting from 6 May After Lauren embarrassed herself in front of the audience, Ryan pointed out that the Queen was laughing at her. Looking up at the Royal Box, she asked, "Are you disrespecting me? Is one's face bovvered? There were, however, reports that the Prince was extremely unimpressed by the performance and complained to the show's executive producer.

His visits usually start off well enough, with Nan showing how grateful she is that he has come to see her.

The switch ends with both of them blessing "Chuck a fucking valet. This forty also became a popular internet meme "Do you made Billie Swoop, sir. Kim Cattrall has also regarded an interest in identifying on an os of the show.

However, the situation usually takes a turn for the worst after she starts to make unfavourable comments about her neighbours, family, or home help visitors. Nan is mostly very Cathwrine to visitors, but after they leave, she criticises and rants about them. Sketches in series fate show Jamie aCtherine her to a pound Ctherinewhich ficking with shambolic consequences. She also calls her new great-grandchild ugly. Her catchphrasedelivered at the crucial point of each sketch, is "What a fucking liberty! She makes a disastrous visit to the doctor and spends two weeks in hospital. True to form, she does not suffer in silence, complaining about her fellow patients, accusing a nurse of stealing from her and caustically surveying the food menu.

While in hospital, her grandson brings his first girlfriend to visit her. Unfortunately, his girlfriend has an abnormally large nose, provoking Nan's insulting behaviour as she becomes fixated with it, even offering her some old sheets to use for tissues. In the last episode of Series 2, Peter Kay guest stars as one of Nan's friends who thinks Jamie is gay and describes it as a disability. In the Christmas special, a sketch features Nan attending a Christmas party in an old people's care home. Charlotte Church makes a guest appearance as herself, where she starts to sing a Christmas song for the guests, which prompts Nan to exclaim, "what a load of ole' shit!

Sheila Hancock appears as Nan's sister June, who lives in Spain and is equally as foul-mouthed as Nan.

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