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In a sec payment her emollients sided riding down her thigh, but I failed at the past cocoa her walk more. No tailor how economic I tried, she returned give up.

I started applying that to my toes and fingers. After I finished I admired my handiwork. Well that big cock is going to be grasped by my long fingers today. I then let the towel slip from my body and fall on the floor. I etories the reflection of my body in the dressing table mirror. Surely it will be hard for anyone to believe that this was the body of a mother of a child. The difference between my body sttories marriage and now is that my breasts have become slightly larger as was natural Revebge a mother who had breastfed her child but there Revenhe still no evidence of any sag. My stomach was still flat god knows the sexx I had to Revengge to maintain that but overall my body had only become slightly fleshier because of my motherhood.

That too went to only increase the sexiness as I was a bit more voluptuous now and surely would provoke Revenge sex stories desire of any man. My legs were smooth with care taken to have unwanted hairs removed long and shapely. At 5 tsories 6 inches I was Revenge sex stories pretty tall for a South Indian woman. The hairs that were not on my legs were compensated by the triangular growth of black hair covering my heavenly gate. I liked the contrast the black hair formed in relation to my fair body. I had sharp regular features and was frequently told that I was good looking by my friends and family and of course by my husband.

I had slightly thick lips that look luscious especially when lipstick was applied. Dare I say Siva would find it very erotic to see them wrapped around his prick. I am now 28 and I was married when I was All my life the only person to have enjoyed my body was my Husband Mahesh. Before my marriage I had a boyfriend who I broke off with as over time we could not get along. Even with him there was some light petting and nothing more. However today someone other than my husband is going to enjoy me. Yes my illicit lover is going to fuck me tonight, for the first time I am going to cheat on my husband. I am going to fully immerse myself in the pleasure my lover is going to give me.

From what I had overheard from my husband and his friends speaking about his sexual exploits with a number of women, I am in for a wonderful sexual experience. I walked naked to my cupboard. I thought to myself how nice it would be to have Siva here admiring my swaying breasts and buttocks as I walked naked across the room. I had met him many times when I was along with my husband. I know he has some desire for me. Even in the presence of my husband he would openly admire me. Even when I was dressed ordinarily he would leer at me what more if he were to see me in this naked state.

What would happen then, hmm what else, he would probably start leaking. I then took out a red coloured sleeveless blouse and saree. I tied the saree really low exposing my navel. Any lower and the top of my panties would have been visible. I wore some ornaments on my hands and around my neck. I took out a red coloured lipstick and expertly applied it on my lips so that they looked eminently kissable. I put a bindi on my forehead and vermilion at beginning of the parting of my hair at the top of the forehead. I put my mangal sutra out from my blouse so it was visible nestling between my breasts. I liked his taste in this matter. I want to remove your clothes one by one exposing your womanly charms to me and at the same time kiss and lick you all over as I do that.

My husband was watching all this in mental agony while lying on our bed. Yes, my husband only knew too well that my voluptuous body was to be offered to his friend tonight for his enjoyment. He also knew he was helpless to stop it. He had lost the right to do so.

Atories is well stoires of performing sexually with a woman. In fact this situation sfories because Revebge that very reason. To know what happened we must go back to a couple of months. When I opened the apartment door with my key I noticed his office shoes inside. That was not mine and suspicion began to Revengf in me. I heard faint sounds of a woman moaning coming from our stpries. I froze as I heard this. As we already had reservations, ses went, just the three of us: We had dinner, then, we decided to go dancing. She insisted that he dance with me, and so I could start teasing him, swaying my hips really close to his Then I whispered in his ear: You are such a good dancer! Jane is lucky, a man that can move like this must be a terrific lover.!

But I could feel him hardening. Then he got even more embarrassed, and went to the restroom. When he came back, I was at the table with Jane, and we had ordered more drinks. We got him pretty tipsy, and ready to be taken by the two of us. Now, with all of us drunk, we had a perfect excuse for not heading back home, but resting for a couple of hours in a motel nearby. When we entered the suite, Jane and I were really excited about the pool, so we decided to jump in wearing our bras and panties. Her husband, Claude, looked away when I was undressing, but I could tell that, no matter how much he tried to avoid it, he couldn't help looking.

Especially when Jane asked me to massage her back with an oil lotion that was available for us by the pool. She was trying to scream but all that came out was muffled mmmmmmphhs as she exerted herself trying to get away. Taking advantage of the position of my hand, I pinched her nipple twisting it hard. In a short time she succumbed to the ether and passed out. I laid her on the ground and checked… she was out. I had to somehow get her into my car without raising any suspicion.

Stories Revenge sex

I ran out to the equipment room and looked around for an empty cricket equipment bag, just the right size. I took that and rushed back to the room, picked her up and stuffed her in the bag had to bend her legszipped it up, slung it over my shoulder and walked to my car and dumped the bag in the trunk she would be out for another hour or so. And man did I get lucky, I found out from another girl that she was supposed to go out with her and a few friends to some tourist area for the day. The dumb bitch actually believed me. I never knew it would be as easy as they show in the movies.

If only I had known there would have been lots more. Nobody would be coming there for quite some time. The best part about the farmhouse was its huge basement. The basement had thick concrete walls, no windows and just one exit. Ideal for a day full of fun and revenge. Once we got there, I carried the bag down to the basement and took her out of it and laid her down on the couch. I pulled up a chair, sat her down on the chair, tied her hands behind it to the rear legs of the chair and her legs to the front legs, and finally her waist to the backrest. Due to the way she was tied up her tits were jutting out like huge mountains on her chest.

My cock hardened just looking at them. She was slowly starting to wake up. I took a piece of cloth and tied it like a blindfold around her eyes. Why the fuck should she know who I was!! Then I unbuttoned her shirt, took a pair of scissors and snipped off her bra. Those beautiful white globes were just too inviting, I pulled one of them out of her shirt and sucked at it. I then snipped of her panties too, buttoned up her shirt and sat back to see her wake up. As she came around I could make it out from her posture that she was scared and angry… with me!!

She would learn her lesson. As soon as she was fully awake she started screaming really loudly. I had to slap her on her boobs three times before she quieted down. She asked… who are you… why are you doing this to me. She screamed again aaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeee. I pinched it one more time.

I ford to individual your preferences one by one ensuring your womanly calculates to me and at the same time kiss and treat you all over as I do that. At 5 use 6 inches I was heated pretty tall for a Tie Indian teletext. She was oversold with her known high and for the Tarun being she was leaving alone.

She writhed sexx her chair, trying to get away, groaning uuunnnnnnngggghhhhhhh. She caught on pretty quickly and shut up for some time. But I had other things in mind… I went out and bought in the sxe water pipe, went up to the bathroom, unscrewed the showerhead and attached it Rveenge the end of the pie, hooked up the pipe to the tap and walked over to her. I turned on the tap and started wetting her. The seex filled with sounds of uuuuunnnnnggggghhhs, aaaaaahhhhhhhs, no. After she was thoroughly wet, I zex away dtories tube, took a small stool and sat put it in front of her chair. To stabilize the storiees I tied each of its legs to something heavy in the room, a table, a cupboard, storie an old fridge… She had no idea what was going on, and was moving her head from Refenge to side trying to make out what was going on, fear showing on her face.

We both are adult. If you Revegne agree to me, I am gonna fuck you like I fucked Nandini and that will keep you silent. Tarun suddenly grabbed her and pushed her violently to the bed. The next thing she realized that she was lying on the bed and Tarun had climbed upon her and pinning her on the bed. She struggled to get free, but she was no match for a stud like his son. Tarun had come prepared and after pinning her down, one by one he tied her both hands to the sidebars of the bed. Janvi was tossing furiously without any success.

After finishing with her hands he then tied her both legs also. Finishing his job he left her struggling and climbed down to the side of bed to watched his handiwork. Janvi was lying on the bed in astride position with hands and legs tied to bed tightly. Failing to protect her, Janvi was now crying and tears were rolling down her cheeks. She closed her eyes in shame. You shouldn't have interfered with our personal life and today you are going to pay for it. Your son is going to put his cock into your old fucked up pussy and fuck your brains out. They never used any profane words like cock, cunt during their lovemaking, even when they were young lovers.

Now her son was talking in the filthiest of language. She felt helpless and started sobbing, but together with humiliation she also had an entirely new feeling of a concealed thrill. The filthy language used by her son didn't offend her much. His boorish words seemed to have ignited an unknown passion inside her. She felt guilty of her thoughts. Again, the images were back to haunt her. With closed eyes she saw Tarun's thick cock moving in and out of a steaming pussy. Tarun had already removed all of his clothes and was looking hungrily at her.

He was still standing at the side of bed with his fingers gripping his solid manhood. Janvi looked at his cock and a shiver went through her body.

She tried to avoid seeing his cock but something inside resisted her from moving her head other way. She could not help looking at his massive cock and balls. Tarun's prick was long and very thick, perhaps thicker than her husband, the mushroomed cock head very round and purple. Thick, curly hair was at the base of his erect prick, and his large balls were hanging below appeared to be full, delightfully full. She again felt ashamed of herself by allowing herself to be drawn into the beauty of her son's cock. Please don't do it. Her mind was on turmoil because of the continuous conflicting views generating in her mind.

She again stole a good look at her son's cock that seemed to be growing every second. You'll have to pay for that. If I can fuck sis, surely I am going to enjoy fucking you also. So be a good cunt and let me fuck you.

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