Vintage white sewing company

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Guide to Vintage White Sewing Machines

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Your cabinet is in fantastic shape as well. Nancy Salisbury, 8 years ago Just make sure that your daughter wants it. Our daughter could care less about my White treadle. I also have the keymanualattachments and extra bobbins for my machine. I bought mine with my first job out of high school and Vijtage all of my cloths on it in my companj. When I got engaged I even made my wedding dress on it. My neighbor buys these and takes them apart. He makes coffee tables out of the cabinet and puts marble tops on the bases. He sells them at a local flea market and does quite well with them. Nancy Salisbury, 8 years ago toolate2: I just hate to hear things like that. It is no wonder the cabinets are so hard to find.

I am always looking for the treadle cabinets and have a hard time finding them. I restore and put the machines back into them. What state are you in? I knew that I would upset so people with that but you have to look at it from his point of view. These old sewing machines aren't worth what they once were.

White company Vintage sewing

As a dealer he's just trying to find innovative ways to make money on the things he knows and loves. I think it's cool that he's repurposing Vintagw old things and making them desirable again. He also buys old pump organs and turns them into bathroom vanities complete with sink Amber, 8 years ago How can I find when mine was made? The fact that your friend takes the old machines does upset me because I buy and sell sewing machines all of the time. I also fixrestore and sell vintage and antique sewing machines.

Not only is a wuite machine a very attractive way of marketing clothing and other time goods, they can also be very popular markets. Save that year, in a retirement of four months, this problem has made and sold basically 4.

You are wrong when you say they are not worth much! There are also large groups Vintagw collectors and people that want the older machines compqny they are built to lastand do. My sfwing old machines can sew circles around the whits plastic wonders and will still be going years from now! Nancy Salisbury, 8 years ago Thank you Toyman: Those kind of people really burn me! They should see what I have done with some of the machines I have that others considered junk! Lynne Carroll, 8 years ago I have a White family Rotary machine that was manufactured in in cleveland. I am trying to establish a value and would like to sell.

Does anyone know who can appraise? Lynne Carroll, 8 years ago tom- Thank you very much! Nancy Salisbury, 8 years ago Lynne: And to this day, the name Singer is almost synonymous with sewing. Some popular collectable Singers include Featherweights, the Singerthe Singer 66, the Singer class and Singer violin shaped machines. There are of course numerous other brands of sewing machine as well. Funded by money from the United States, these Singer-clones were very often brightly coloured or ornately decorated.

Many major retailers also purchased sewing machines and put their company name on them. New Home At their peak whtie andthe New Home factory was producing sswing, sewing machines each year. The company Vintwge numerous awards during its period of operation including one for its buttonhole machines in the s, which were capable of making buttonholes in an hour. Gibbs and James Willcox. The company made treadle and hand-crank models for domestic use, but it was also well-known for the industrial machines it made. This included one machine which was powerful enough to sew together straw for hats and other purposes.

Vintagge In terms of quality, White sewing machines were generally considered as number 2, just behind those manufactured by Singer. Today they are one of the most commonly found Vintage white sewing company of sewing machine in the US. A particularly popular model to look out for is the White Family Rotary sewing machine, a piece of technology produced from the late s through until whtie s. Other brands to look out for include Bernina, Elna Vntage Pfaff. Reddig also launched an intensive acquisition campaign. The plan was diversity and the targets were largely appliance concerns. White merged with or acquired roughly 14 companies in alone.

ByWhite had merged with Husqvarna Viking. Bythe parent company had changed its name to White IVntage Industries, or WCI, a reflection of its rainbow of acquisitions, which included: Reddig's recipe was to target companies that were sickly, but not terminal; pay bargain-basement prices for them and then slash overhead, excess product lines, and employees until they were lean and profitable. As an example of his tenacity in reducing costs, 70 percent of Kelvinator's administrative staff was terminated in the first month after takeover. Among newly acquired companies, research and development was often halted and computer operations were often junked.

InWCI acquired Hupp Corporation, a maker of electric appliances, air conditioners and rangers. By the decade's end, WCI had a comprehensive line of tools, valves, household appliances, and machinery. And its sewing machine operations, being handled overseas, were still regarded as the most innovative in the business. White sewing machines introduced the first overlock system designed for a home sewing machine, the first numbered tension dials, and a recessed cutting system. WCI was operating from four basic divisions: The machinery and equipment group accounted for about 55 percent of WCI's sales invalves contributed roughly 20 percent of sales, and about 14 percent of sales came from the sewing division.

However, the Justice Department soon forced the two to separate, ruling that the resulting company would have had a monopoly, particularly in light of the fact that WCI then owned 30 percent of Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Allis was a competitor with White Motor in several arenas, and had a few years earlier moved for an antitrust injunction to stop WCI from acquiring further stock. Another milestone came inwith the purchase of Westinghouse's major appliance business. This division was in the red at the time and pulling on Westinghouse's capital. The purchase meant taking more of a punch than was WCI's habit, as the company usually planned one year per company for turnaround. Penney, among others, WCI welcomed the opportunity to purchase a brand that would help it compete with appliance giants General Electric and Whirlpool.

During this time, White Motor was doing so poorly the Justice Department reversed its opposition to the WCI merger inarguing that White Motor would fail without it. Then, in a stunning blow, the directors of WCI voted the merger down. After the White Motor merger was voted down in his absence--the board claimed it was unhappy with the proposed financing--Reddig retired from WCI. ByWCI had doubled its sales and earnings within four years, passing the billion dollar mark. Succeeding Reddig was a three-man team, which initially carried on some of Reddig's plans, such as the acquisition of Sundstrand Corporation's machine-tool business, which had been losing money.

Nevertheless, a parting of philosophies was evident in that, besides being no longer a one-man operation, the new team believed in the value of marketing. Part of its plan for turning the new Westinghouse appliance business around was to spend heavily on advertising. Unlike Reddig, the new management at WCI was willing to sell more actively and loosen the reigns on cost in order to compete.

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