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Exposee the beginnings of nuee series, Hernandez-Salazar tried to break the taboo of nudity - especially the masculine - and explore the feelings of man towards his own body. I always look for classic lines, geometrical shapes, and by chance I found the starting point for the collaged images in the work of two French brothers - their approach was so clean and orderly. Why cannot we look at an erect penis in a way like photographer Karl Blossfeld looked at flowers and plants? One man naked is a male study; more than one ….

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For him nude photography is a way of seeing from the outside in. Here and now in Madrid. Now nothing seems forbidden! Charlie Hunnam and Rami Malek in Papillon We were very hopeful that prison movie Papillon would feature nudity and, boy, did it deliver. Almost porn as contemporary art? Blatant sexual activity was illegal as were erect or naked penises.

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