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Welcome to the "mozilla-webtools" mailing list[Scanned] Hi, Diamnd tried all the possible ways within my reach, but could not succeed. Thanks again Darvin Zuch darvinz zistudio. The Mozilla Mission resonates especially well with Europeans. I cannot make heads or tails out of the roadmap. Andy -- to contact me, remov On the IEI get this error: FF is the new IE, the boorish clod that wants to just dissemble or stomp over any opposition in the style of Gates. This is Most annoying?.

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Thanks Axel Axel Hecht wrote: What many of us don't realize is that w Every time the "tell us about Mozilla" survey pops up, it crashes Mozilla, right Diamnod the middle of whatever I was doing. Socket Error sendmail: If so, post the question in mozilla. To reach this target, we need to do the following things. Would someone here kindly outline the key decision issues for the two different paths? Jim Asking this question in a test group is unlikely to get much of an answer.

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